Its been said that the relationships you keep close define you. Ultimately you are who you hangout with, my group of friends are all so diverse. 

Anais only 22, with a laugh that could light up any room. more spark than anyone should be allowed to have. turns minutes of conversation into the friendship of a lifetime, knows everyone, anywhere we go.

Beto stands at 6’4. He’s more bark than bite, with a sense of humor that could make even the dullest person rejoice in laughter, decides he doesn’t need uppers to keep him high. with a smile and an attitude that life is truly a gift. the type of person that doesn’t need anything to define him.

Aracely holds her feminist views in prospective at all times. knows that her love is beautiful and celebrates it with intelligent words and a clench fist close to her heart. Can’t wait for the day I’m a bridesmaid at her wedding, front row, the bells will sound extra loud expressing that love isn’t confined to only those of opposite gender.

Fernanda has skin the color of earth and hair passing her shoulders darker than night. a reminder that beauty comes in all cultures, indigenous, speaks dialect perfectly. a soul that thinks only with full heart, cares more about others than herself, would give her only bite to those in greater need. has seen struggles bigger than her 21 years of life, stands strong with values and morals that run deeper than oceans.

Rebecca set course for a new life hours aways from where we once called home, but still never forgets to pick up the phone. Reminds me that there are bonds that lines on a map could never define. her words, wise far beyond her her years, knows just what to say when the world turns its back. Optimism falls short to describe her.

Luis holds his pride higher than all else. Strong willed and opinionated. Never meant to be tied down, soul searching through a camera lens, exposing colors in new light. Restless to the point of new discovery, knows that life hits hard so this moment here and now is all that matters, capture it, save it, bring it out when skies are grey. a mixture of everything i love and hate and the things i have to be in the mood for, his type of beauty is one that not everyone knows how to love. 

These are my army of friends, their souls truly miraculous.   


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